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Hot Choco​late Bombs - The Latest Chocolate Craze

A delicious chocolate sphere, filled with hot chocolate and mini marshmallows!

Watch the magic happen before your eyes as it dissolves into a cup of warm and creamy hot chocolate..... yummy!


The #1 Holiday Treat For Family & Friends

The holiday season is approaching, along with shorter days and colder weather.

It’s the season of magic, festivities, and surprises. Cosy evenings by the fire & decadent holiday treats are here.

The Hot Chocolate Bomb is the latest trend that has captured the hearts and taste buds of children and adults all over the world.

The Hot Chocolate Bomb holds all the magic of the holiday season in a simple but oh-so-decadent chocolate ball that is so much more than ordinary stovetop hot chocolate, and most other holiday treats.

Made with premium chocolate and stuffed with dozens of mini marshmallows, the Hot Chocolate Bomb is an ideal holiday treat and the easiest way to make hot chocolate. 

All you need is warm milk, and the Hot Chocolate Bomb dissolves melting into a rich and creamy brew with delicious mini marshmallows that pop to the top.

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  • All Hot Chocolate Bombs come in a presentation box
  • Pick your chocolate - milk, dark or white
  • Pick your flavour - regular, salted caramel, candy cane, cookies and cream, pumpkin spice
  • Christmas Theme Packs
  • Available as single, packs of 4, packs of 6
  • Boozy Bombs in packs of 2 and 4
  • Novelty Snowman Hot Chocolate Bombs
  • Candy Bombs - filled with gummy candies and a mini mallet!
  • Limited stock on hand 

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